Oh, The Unspeakable Things…

my lungs have suffered my loneliness
now, they have fluids floating in them
a cough isn’t sufficient anymore, I am
sick with my own disease, you can’t
recognize on the surface, but if my
insides can talk with such vehement
it would tell you how much you meant to me.

I think about where will I would go
it would be anywhere but here
where I lie naked on a dance floor 
because I want the comfort of the trees
singing a breeze, dangerous at times
but I know what branch to slumber on
as I reach like the mountains’ peaks…

2 thoughts on “Oh, The Unspeakable Things…

  1. i agree with slp
    the imagery here is stunning

    I lie naked on a dance floor

    a cough isn’t sufficient anymore

    your talent with music and words really show it self clearly here, clearer as ever.


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