Another month has gone
wondering how much it would add to exile
banishment from this world
that I’ve created myself around…

As I nakedly dance with the birds’ merriment
on certain days, when I feel like it
when I don’t remember the cost of my translation.

Add it to my displacement tab please
as I yell and scream for something better
my friends are now acquaintances
since they know not how to measure time spent versus time left.

My potential has been broken
over-worked and wasted
I am too old for change or malleability
now fear surrounds my eyelids
giving them a terrible embarkment upon age
premature wrinkles cloud my synthesis.

7 thoughts on “Synthesis

  1. Great piece Cocoyea. I think the person in this poem should dance naked with the birds even if they don’t feel like it. That would be a wonderful habit to get into, don’t you think? .


  2. Time spent versus time left… wonderfully thought provoking line. I feel a little empathy for your poetic voice, angered by friends, disheartened, carrying a feeling of age.


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