Fever To Touch

Listen HERE to a song I wrote on the steelpan for a very special woman I met recently. The song is called FEVER TO TOUCH and there’s a poem that goes with it as well that I wrote awhile back called Everyone Should Know This. I’m hoping to turn the poem into lyrics for the song.

As you can tell, this woman had a huge impact on my senses, enough so that I’m still grieving over the loss of not getting to know her in the way I envisioned. 

I’m still thankful to have shared those moments that were gifts of kindness, an awakening… I felt like I could love, and be loved again. Maybe that was the point of our encounter, who knows. But I’ll keep the joy I felt close at hand as I walk these streets of uncertainty.

Not Nobody

Not nobody hears you sing a song so holy
disturbing my rest, with a new question mark
with a new need, that couldn’t be taken aback…

Not nobody can give you a proof of love as holy?
Not nobody can come up with a proof that love exist?
With it’s meant to be absolute? With it matrices

struggling to breathe as conditional decides 
for us when we do unfold, gathering care for you
revealing silent songs of secret desires, desire
that rest with our bones, a ghost, we build
but never forget the wasted never leave mes.

Not nobody, I hear your song stories
please play your impressions again
as I keep hearing you dear, keeping you dear to me…

Las Vegas

Las Vegas says she’s too afraid, too afraid
my dangerous touch on her delicate skin

made up with precaution, made up of rules to bend
because I ain’t got nothin to lose but the end

Las Vegas says she’s needing someone stable
yet she’s at my ramshackle table with those hungry eyes

with those sweet lips that I brush so, so gently 
tellin me I’m not the one oh Las Vegas

tellin me there’s no wedding moans
behind doors that only just groans   

she’ll leave me, leave me suddenly
my bed early in the dawn will howl for her trace

my danger, my dangerous love
recking reckless will grieve over her midnight kiss.

Love Laws

Can you forget the love laws
and for one night feel the ache
in our curves? You’ll show me where
it hurts the most. Could you forget
about your tongue harnessed
in the Reason of the world? It draws
a rigid line our bodies refuse to bend to.
We’d forget how to construct a sentence
and listen to what is said in a moan
resonating in our eyes, lips, hands
from the pit of our stomachs; speak
a new nonsense. In a moment
we’d lose ourselves in a sound,
like that night, during awkward small talk
desire lingered in the space where
you and I begun. Knowing how to
hold each other, we danced.
We didn’t have anything
but skin, the salt from our eyes
the sadness in a kiss.

Come Cover Me

With your joy.
With your pain.
With your laugther.
With your tears.
With your voice.
With your mouth.
With your hands.
With your body.
With your…

I’m lost in what I can’t have
lost in wanting you

Wanting your laughter
to echo through my vertebrae.
Wanting your mouth to sew against mine.
Wanting your voice to sing my name.