It’s all about the bands

So last week I had my belly full of music.  Starting with this indie rock/alternative band from Paris called The Novels on Thursday night at Trash Bar.

Some photos of The Novels:The Novels

The NovelsThe Novels

And then there was Saturday night when partially, my dream came through (thanks DJ Mojo).  I saw two of my favorite bands play on the same bill at the House of Yes.  It’s been my dream that Renminbi, Object and TSTAR played on the same bill, so imagine my delight when both Reminbi and Object were sharing the stage.  It was freaking awesome, here, check it out, first up is OBJECT:


Some photos of Renminbi:Renminbi



Attachment is Such a Hard Thing to Undo.

No more inquisitive brown eyes
to stare into and lose myself.

No more little ears to measure.
No more love songs to sing, because no one is listening.

No more dimpled smiles.
No more of her laughter, grabbing my attention.

No more flippers for feet
with flipper covers reaching to her knees.

No more secret language to make up
and joke about amongst ourselves.

No more soft kisses to have in the morning
waking me up from my slumber.

No more gentle caress of the middle of my back.
No more love to make during the late hours.

No more dreams to have of little ones playing in our backyard.
No more dreams to have of us growing together.

No more recipies to try.
No more spoons to lick.

No more you to teach me things.
No more coozied drunken debates.

No more you to admire naked in the sunlight.
No more you to watch sleep in the moonlight.

No more you to come home to.
No more home to come to.

No more time.
No more love.