Dialectic Discoveries

“…the oppressed…exist in a dialectical relationship to the
oppressor, as his antithesis-that without them the oppressor could not
exist…The oppressed can over come this contradiction in which they
are caught only when this perception enlists them in struggle to free
themselves.” — Paulo Freire


I wasted them
too much on You: an unspecified person or people in general
word phrases, such as “Fuck them”, even with good intentions
built on good things, I am afraid of losing, and I still want to hold onto, as is

diagrams, making a backlash blueprint, a deja vu
fully endorsed for You to fully forget the previous
a most cunning I, a most depleted but
where’s yours, where’s mine
reminiscent comet
ricocheting the earth’s surface
eclipsing the sun
burning with spinning promise
scattering cinders of hot bread
thoughts shattered across the hemisphere
where You, I, we live.

The World is Such a Wonderful Place

it doesn’t matter if you’re sober now
those words remember while you weren’t
while you called me a whore, a bitch, a nigger

oh, just kidding
i was drunk, too

like the time that the Professor made it okay
to say the N word in his class, just because
his 9 year old son was singing it

at some point there’s a responsibility held by the facilitator
even if it’s an investigation? And even then it’s a fallacy.
Maybe you should look at yourself first before you try saying those words.

Let’s say that I might
as well be someone’s celebrity
because you know we’re all going to be celebrities
and celebrities are going to be as faceless like the rest of us.

Yeah, I’d be that celebrity
Caught in a collision
And because of my popularity
Everyone takes a picture
Instead of calling the ambulance
I lay there swallowing my own blood
I see the camera flash die.
And all those people
Who stopped to take a picture of my demise
Are rich and happier than ever now…

All because my Professor couldn’t afford to travel to Europe

And he found the information from his son while traveling through South America’s
Easy dollars, that anyone with just enough US dollars can buy the entire island,
Oh but they have, and still won’t want to live there

Calling niggers sons, and sons, niggers
He found it an opportune time to say nigger
And that’s why I love academics
They don’t get killed in the street anymore
for what they say, because their impact is knowledge.

I’m Not You


is when you can’t

participate with “others”

even when you’re around them

and they’re your friend

your lover

when you can’t participate

in their somewhat familiar

histories: A thread that even excludes you

with their exclusive far right, far left

a middle that clasps at the center, that still feels compelled to dance to your music

but never knows why it has any options



is when you can’t vote

even when you pay taxes, and you’re not a felon

and you fear going to see a physician

for GYNO visits: even when you have access

you fear talking about your issues

because it makes your situation vulnerable

to inquisitioned as a witch, a terrorist

a witch terrorist

and they tell you to join a group


I don’t want you in my head
because I have enough voices telling me something
something else, something assumed, something imagined
greatness, confidence, pride, timorous falsehoods
words achieved in the spirit of a con
a last trick that buts on the edges of a razor blade
that I hope I will never meet
so, I don’t want you in my head
nevermore, or because I expect You to come