Hide Yourself Away

I was the last to recognize the rain
to hear its trepidation, gently at first
on rooftops; distinctively you can hear
its harbinger, a forceful few drops

splashing the likes of endeavours away
leaving remnants of lost desires:
fallen leaves, wet guttering leaves
ruminating over the first time you dealt with
the hours, the seconds that behest hope.

Like no one else has dealt with pain
you tell yourself yet again another lie:

I won’t care so much, care so much


I’m a new person

cold and unforgiving.

After Her…

The slow motions
the instant repeats
the lifeless potraits
the ending points

kills the most, since
you become aware

the stillness in the eyes
that’s when you know

her sun has set
the day is over
and it is now a drawing
of her faded interest.

But like a never-ending flipbook
you wistfully rummage through
the flickering stages, only to create
your own images, after her

an eyesight that is ruthless
with its rapid velocity
as it blinks with a new truth
faster than a hummingbird’s wings

showing off how she forgets you
and you’re left with the drawings
where someone new has her touch.

Sea of Silence

Wreckless is to give all of yourself to another.
You’d become harshly aware of the unforgiving cold
once they’re gone, and suddenly you’ve been freed to a sea of silence
at the top of a mountain where there’s nothing left but ice
the unfathomable void, where loneliness has encased itself
to no one to contend to.  The sunlight blinds you with tears of longing
bare tears, full of memories, tending towards trepidation.

Rainbows are All You See

If you consider the consequence
of a loner’s heart, an irrationality
beats full of irreverence to relativity

to spatial dynamism.
Wanting a ruinous rain
to rid these cursed thoughts…

If you consider these
then they will appear
when you believe you
need them the most

and hope will transcend
into belief of the undoing
trust won’t be an instinctive
feat of the mind crawling out of body.

Yes Mommy Dearest

One of my pet-peeves is seeing people standing around doing nothing.

Then spin

a wheel of string
rope to play hangman with
buy time making
cardboard sleeves

just in case

drench a spineless shirt wet
without purpose
groove a grave in.

Hot coffee burns
lukewarm finger tips
nervously preparing
another lie–

There’s always something to be


Go Here!!

Swab slabs for red tape feelers
appearing in the dark
early morning’s stock rooms

after-hour cheap cockroaches
re-stock stocked shelves
a different kind of vermin
catches clockwise
the wheel churning
dynamic stale Splenda

an apron in slow motion
a smorgasbord of the top ten
most talented
next showcase:

Insecure Specials
events in Crayola:

Italian Panini
amused eyeballs
Cuban Sub
Cajun Chicken
clapping to attention

Big smiles at the door
clean floor needing a good scrub.

Ne Me Quitte Pas

If I must forget…
then let it be the time
when our dialects got in the way
instead remember that day
I brought her beads of rain
in a jewel glass so she can marvel
at the rainbow it made.
Let me forever keep the excitement in her eyes then
as they shun so vividly with golden brown visions.

If I must forget…
Then let it be the time
I lost the rhythm of her hymn
and was selfish in my desires.
Instead remember that initial embrace
where time was forgotten, was frozen
all that was present was the heart of happiness.

Like a stupid pioneer
I’ve labored the earth
searching for her tenderness
with a nonsensical reason
I’ve toiled the terrane
with a nonsensical reason
in vain, I’ve wanted to invent
wanting invention to resemble what I’ve felt.

I shall continue to create
the foolish, a heart ablaze,
waiting silently in my studio for her return.


To be that close
as midnight catches
us sheltering under
a peep of an awning.
To be that close
to only the rain
coming in on us
you reminded me
of a place I would go
running away with you
with you, with you next
to me, I reminisce
a daydream of a place
of a place where the air
hummed an unspeakable
glee whispering in the wind

Oh if only you knew what it meant to me…