I don’t want you in my head
because I have enough voices telling me something
something else, something assumed, something imagined
greatness, confidence, pride, timorous falsehoods
words achieved in the spirit of a con
a last trick that buts on the edges of a razor blade
that I hope I will never meet
so, I don’t want you in my head
nevermore, or because I expect You to come

teach me how to swim

there’s still space, room for yours and mine
we’re the biggest liars once we’re cornered
once we know that each of us are hostages
handicapped as all my love, Lover[…]

I don’t remember any survivors[…]
And your time and space doesn’t mean anything[…]
Even for you, crawling on my knees
God couldn’t be good[…]

Well, she wouldn’t show herself
the Devil that she is
wishing the most happiest
moments with a grinned shadow[…]

Because I can’t listen to that you say
what you’d consider as want[…] say if I had […]
guilt will rot me whole with dedication[…]
and it still wouldn’t be enough[…]

You and my family never believed I would live
that’s all I needed to know
even while they
you, say Yes[…] Yes, Yes Yes I am […]

when can I call[… ]when?