A First Stroke of Passenger Peru

Uncommon to commonplace trends, Passenger Peru‘s self titled album subtly dismantles the norm, and engages with teases, licking  a familiarity only when necessary. You are a passenger on their quest. For sound that will rearrange thought processes for listening to and discovering devotion and discipline, I learned so much from this record.

I remember the night I first was introduced to these guys. They were Pet Ghost Project then, and I was so enthralled by their attempt to create something exceptionally special, that I bought all of their cds. The delicate attention to detail that I was waiting for back when they were Pet Ghost Project is now fully expressed in this new direction, where it’s just the two core members of Pet Ghost Project: Justin Stivers, and Justin Gonzalez.

With just Justin Stivers on bass, and Justin Gonzalez on guitar, they eliminated the need for a live drummer/percussionist with great success. You’ll understand what I mean, if you ever go to one of their shows.

Anyway, I’ll be playing Passenger Peru to its entirety on the next Broad Strokes hour with Calypso Sally, Wednesday, August 29 at 8:00pm on Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR). The band will be present to answer any questions I, or you may have.

Ne Me Quitte Pas

If I must forget…
then let it be the time
when our dialects got in the way
instead remember that day
I brought her beads of rain
in a jewel glass so she can marvel
at the rainbow it made.
Let me forever keep the excitement in her eyes then
as they shine so vividly with golden brown visions.

If I must forget…
Then let it be the time
I lost the rhythm of her hymn
and was selfish in my desires.
Instead remember that initial embrace
where time was forgotten, was frozen
all that was present was the heart of happiness.

Like a stupid pioneer
I’ve labored the earth
searching for her tenderness
with a nonsensical reason
I’ve toiled the terrane
with a nonsensical reason
in vain, I’ve wanted to invent
wanting invention to resemble what I’ve felt.

I shall continue to create
the foolish, a heart ablaze,
waiting silently in my studio for her return.


To be that close
as midnight catches
us sheltering under
a peep of an awning.
To be that close
to only the rain
coming in on us
you reminded me
of a place I would go
running away with you
with you, with you next
to me, I reminisce
a daydream of a place
of a place where the air
hummed an unspeakable
glee whispering in the wind

Oh if only you knew what it meant to me…

Stay Strong: As Nobody is Listening

Photo by Tiffany Paul


…suffers me in green vines
as all of my being is fighting
all of my being is pleading
as soon as I know my threshold
has come, and devastated my conscious
breath with all those silent wishes
gripping to a tendency of faith
that I’ll still be here to cherish my longing
longer, to promise me tomorrow…?