Architecture of “You”

There’s nothing “Indie”, in·de·pend·ent about You…

Doesn’t it sound good though, ìndə péndənt

and to think without conjunctions


that fickle clause:

the making of a tastemaker

one who defines taste

based on

nothing other than what you are not to them

and the what we’re all rebelling against

a zeitgeist however small.

You’ll remember such a moment.

I wish I had thrown

my opinion through a window

smashing the enclosure of me

and then relinquished it in the irony of a blog

for all to view and to follow in weekly segments.

To hate…

To agree…

To dismiss…

To wonder about…

To trend…

And then define like a science.

What is new and what is not:

the what a terrible to look and to listen to.

The unorthodox use of expression

would have been mine to oversee

because I can, however public

because I obviously need

to be a part of the Fickler.

Even during work breaks

or after hours

there’s always

a need for a benchmark

however drunkard and desperate

to see and hear

of a relentless muse

that will continue to be the ultimate chaperone.

Restart Later

Knowing you

is a flash of flam·boy·ance

a blacken scheme

blacken black, stupid sures foes a system(s)

that lights on count

as you want me to sit beside you

while knowing is what you’ve tolerated

what you never wanted as acceptance

on your stupid shoulders