Sea of Silence

Wreckless is to give all of yourself to another.
You’d become harshly aware of the unforgiving cold
once they’re gone, and suddenly you’ve been freed to a sea of silence
at the top of a mountain where there’s nothing left but ice
the unfathomable void, where loneliness has encased itself
to no one to contend to.  The sunlight blinds you with tears of longing
bare tears, full of memories, tending towards trepidation.

Rainbows are All You See

If you consider the consequence
of a loner’s heart, an irrationality
beats full of irreverence to relativity

to spatial dynamism.
Wanting a ruinous rain
to rid these cursed thoughts…

If you consider these
then they will appear
when you believe you
need them the most

and hope will transcend
into belief of the undoing
trust won’t be an instinctive
feat of the mind crawling out of body.