Searching for The Douen in Spirit of Borges’ “Mutations”

I wrote this possibly in 2019 as a treatment for a video for one of my songs off of my record “Quarrel”. I still believe in the vision I had for this record as the many visceral landscapes have not been achieved. But anyway, here is a glimpse of what I envisioned for one of the songs: “The Sea”.,,

They are the children left – descendants of the human race, whom survived the nuclear blast – after the collapse of the global empire.

The nuclear blast destroyed all infrastructure and further poisoned all natural resources, leaving the land and the sea barren.

Affected by the toxic radiation, many living beings died immediately… Those beings whom adapted to the poison, became radioactive mutants, passing this gene onto their offsprings. 

The life expectancy of anything became almost impossible to predict. As after birth, most beings experienced accelerated growth spurts. Aging exponentially in minutes, a baby can become an adult in a week, and if it survived the environment, dies of old age within a month. 

The remaining scientists developed a vaccine which blocked the growth spurts, but they were incapable of completely reversing the mutant gene which affected aging. So the life expectancy for any human is eighteen years, if that. They also were incapable of treating individual mutations; as the gene affected each human differently.

The human survivors live in the deep tunnels of once major hubs, creating underground shanty towns; or they populated caves until the rising tide flooded these temporary cities. The ever rising tide has drowned entire islands. The survivors have returned to an ancient practice of nomadism.

The survivors (ages seven to fifteen):

Gus – because of their mutation they can only communicate through sounds. Their best octaves are those of seagulls: shrieking a soaring through the permanently blood orange sky – which rains acid – and their violent cawing when irritated. They are also twelve feet tall (and still growing), with almost elastic like limbs.

Beau – because of their mutation they absorb matter, and when agitated they become an enormous glowing mass of blue atomic energy. Their vibrations is a magnitude! Electrifying all the relics that they and their siblings find broken. They believe they were once the ruler of the sea: The Blue Whale.

Pen – because of their mutation, they have gill like openings around their neck making breathing the already toxic air difficult. Their hands and feet are webbed and flipper like… They are oval shaped, making walking and running difficult. So on days the children have to run from the acid rain or rising tide, Pen’s siblings take turns carrying them on their backs. Pen believes they could swim as gracefully as a penguin in the Sea.

Elie (offspring of Beau) – because of their mutation their skin can easily create static. They can burn everything, so they cannot wear regular clothing. Because of their mutation they are capable of creating fire, and help keep them and others alive. They believe that in the sea they are an electric eel.

Buccoo – because of their mutation they change color and shape: expressing their urgent emotion in color, and mimicking their environment. Their most impressive and tranquil mimicry is changing into a tree… They recently discovered that their branches (their extended reach) had the ability to create buds which blossoms with various blooms of color. The children read about “Trees” on a tablet they restored. Buccoo believes that in the sea, they can become an entire reef where all can inhabit!


The children are performing a dance battle. Gus break dances at the start of the music. The musical instruments are from the relics, objects of the old world, which the children have collected and recreated to make sounds. When they are not scavenging for better shelter and food, the children perfect their instruments and dance moves. 

With their elastic like neck, Gus interchangeably shrieks up to the blood orange sky, as their dance gracefully soars like a seagull. They end with an infinity pose, while crying their best seagull. 

It is an invitation, as Beau takes Gus’s energy and magnetically recreates their shadow. While Pen’s webbed feet and hands pulsates vibes and sustains this interaction, both Gus and Beau dance like the image frames from the broken cell phones (relics) they restored. 

Needing each other, the children look at each other with an understanding. As they perform the synchronized group part for the dance.

There is an old folk tale which the children discovered on one of the relics. An old folk tale completely possessing them. It was the tale of a mysterious seacreature, called The Douen. 

As it was told, The Douen lured children to the sea. This folk tale of The Douen was older than any of the worlds the children learnt of, as the tale was used as a cautionary example to scare children from venturing into the sea or else The Douen will have you for all of eternity! 

The children were not frighten by The Douen. In fact, they wanted to find this mysterious sea creature, as none of them had ever experienced a “beach”… The sea of the old world was not what they’ve lived with. The children can all swim, but they all could never swim enough to survive the rising tide! 

After they all proclaimed their different stories of encountering The Douen, the children went to sleep searching for The Douen.

The Douen discovers their dreamings and visits their blood orange sky that rains acid. The Douen invites them into its ocean where the children became what they are:

<This is at the climax of the song, nearing the end where the guitar explodes alongside the piano’s garden forming flowers>

Bucco transformed into a reef garden, with ever growing green vegetation, while Elie sporadically electrifies this hiddenness, while Beau gloriously spews blue through their vibrating magnitudes, while Pen swirls, somersaults gracefully through the currents, while Gus keenly looks from above, gently walking barefoot, as they squeal a joy unimaginable.

The Sea

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