Everyone should know this

I wanted to wait until we were old enough
when feelings are not like the fever of a child
now learning how to walk, embarking upon new terrain
it happened today, regardless, I felt the heat stinging my skin
with anticipation, I let go, and didn’t care if I fell on my face
an aderaline hot as day, summertime when it’s still winter
I imagined chimes of an ice-cream truck signaling change.

I wanted to resemble cool for you, I wanted to give you the superfacial
when there’s nothing cool about the unknown, I can’t pretend…

I’ll Take the Bus

I can accept the breeze 

believe that it is air

air enough for me to breathe

makes me cleaner

so I’m so sure of my belongings too, standing still

XOXOed as a shameful that can’t wake up

running, keep on running XOXOed incapable of a tabla rasa

Sures I’ll make sure everyone close to me is aware of Power.

We won’t depend on a riot or one singular revelation

sharpen, as dull as cutlasses

as bright as misguised bullets, exploding from a Yankee’s Rebel…

I will depend on your selfishness

your eager pretense of wanting to care

but not caring really

I will depend on your indiscretion

as you believe it’s all dependant on what you feel

as what you want, doesn’t, isn’t in my existence

right now or ever

when you think it’s time to stop

when you have your fools to dance around your mirror

and muddy consideration?

yourself reflected fully flush, pandered around your peers

you never consider anything else