Behind God’s Back

Where, the best foods are to be discovered
Because we can’t afford your shantytown paradise
where, you pay more money than a Baltimore family
where a school teacher could buy two houses on our poverty-line
Oh did you forget, just because we walk through Williamsburg
with our new kicks, fresh press skirts, we think we own something.
Then, don’t come to our parts of God’s back, don’t even say Jesus sent you
because both God and Jesus will relocate once your ass discover that corner.
You never wanted to be that close to Culture! you just wanted the food, and to be
to be a spectator of a spectacle, like a museum artifact, you can afford to walk into and claim
as your own, and talk about such and such from a distance, from a distance I watch you fall
from your own peneplain… Walking away, I’ll remember this moment and always wear a hemlet.

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