When We See Each Other Episode 24

When We See Each Other Episode 24

On episode 24 of BTRtoday‘s When We See Each Other, I chatted with the amazing singer-songwriter Katie Kuffel. We talked about her latest album, “Alligator,” which dropped in March. The album itself is very nostalgic, dreamy, expansive, mysterious, haunting at times in the sense of casting spells. “Alligator” is available on all streaming platforms (and bandcamp), so put it on your playlist!!!

We also talked about how “Alligator” is different from her previous works, being queer in the music industry, how does identity influence her work, and how one of the tracks (1999) deals with inter-generational trauma. Check the chat out HERE.

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When We See Each Other is a bi-weekly podcast centering the work of BIPOC/queer/Trans/non-binary musicians/artists, and also friend musicians I’ve known for some time.

The pod gathers from a broad range of genres, stretching from spoken word to indie rock, pop, alternative, noise rock, hip hop, reggae, dance hall, metal, calypso, funk etc. The show is sort of a mixed bag, where artists are interviewed on their creative process, and how identity influences their work.

This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.

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