The Path

I don’t expect directions
they’re useless anyway

as my reference

I’ll have to depend upon
my own voice

tending to my own discrete guilt
swearing back as I hope

nobody’s notice in the clouds
nobody’s thoughts in the darkness

to make it seem better
I’ll imagine a Hero

just so not to remember how much
measured haunts my own stairs

listening too long
becoming so too commonplace

dying while my own shadow is so sucked in
moaning a web of a useful-less view

to cover my own liars

6 thoughts on “The Path

  1. You have a fantastically strong voice and when you reign it in around an idea like this it makes very effective poetry. The idea at the beginning is precise, true and clear and the ending is dark and difficult like a funnelweb spider. I like your poetry and your voice.


  2. Fascinating reading……..reading it is like rewinding a tape with your finger down on the play button (I don’t know how old you are, do you know tapes and tape recorders (shit I’m only 41


  3. oh sorry, I pressed enter by mistake. as I was saying that sound, it comes to mind reading this, being pushed back by a rhythm and wording that is unknown yet communicating strongly. Very good.


  4. That’s really interesting. I read it again and I see, well better yet hear what you’re saying. It could be rewinding images as well. Thanks.


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