Lil BayBee TyGah

About three months ago, I rescued a kitten. I had seen it around my apartment building; sometimes running into the busy streets. I decided to take it in for my four year old niece, because she has been asking her parents for a furry companion. So much so, she created an imaginary companion called, Rufus the dog. Since that day I brought the kitten into my life, I’ve fallen in love with it. I call it Lil BayBee TyGah. My attachment has grown so, that I was inspired to write a poem which I plan to turn into a song for my future second album.

I’ve felt this before
even before I stole a kitten
from a village of cats

going back further
than my time in this

I wanted this even
as I didn’t wanna
wanna be patient.

You’re not mine anyways
You’re a gift
that I keep around.

That evening of sardines
with another one
older, but course enough
to see nonsense
hard enough to ignore
being hungry

The look it gave
knowing it was alone…

So yeah, I stole a kitten
from its family.

I cannot imagine anything
without you being by my side
like when you sense
the smell of me deeper
deeper than anything
anyone, anything!

Even as she is awful.
She ruined my room!
All my small treasures
ripped and bitten to pieces.
Tiny things now things
that cannot bring that back.

She is so beautifully kind
Like I hate it when she decides:

I will kiss you now

I’ll kiss you right now!

I wanted this even as I don’t wanna
Wanna be patient.
The kitten isn’t mine anyways

She is a gift!

She looks up at me
Up sideways
With amazing eyes
gateways of honesty
asking, but not really,
What is wrong?