Balloon Man

Photo by Tiffany Paul

While waiting for the train
a hopeless demeanor draped
a dismay so dread
that I begged for atonement.

And relief came to be placed
inside bubbles, my childhood
was reflected in magenta rays.

A horizon that included all of us
It was no longer a blister
a globule of air anymore

But real.

The Power of Language

photo by Margo Conner

 It can enslave or liberate… You can lose yourself in language.

When I think about the power of language, I think about whose identity, whose culture, where am I, and who am I.

I hear sounds when I think about the power of language. I see images that are layered by probability and possibility. I think about seeds in the earth and how much I would like to be a gardener. I would like to plant. It’s the same with the power of language.

I wonder about truth, and can you really find it in words?  Or is it a feeling that is associated with a word, that is almost a conversation between the heart and the mind.

I wonder if it is the recollection, memory of what you associate with that sound, that taste, that smell, which feels like the memory of what it means to be that word.

 This train of thought was inspired by: Faith and Faithful

Ah, Panacea…

photo by Craig Marston
photo by Craig Marston
With this pull
crawling on all fours
a killing ease of breath
with this swallow
comes a lush
spawning a dancing line
bitter burnt out
cool regret.

With this…
as slender spirals
rush the room
careful of the outer air
exhale gently
as appetites loiter
a mouthful

It’s a Matter of Calcium

Chad Coombs
photo by Chad Coombs


Now ah days, these vitamins
they so smart, they so smart Ho!
You take one of them
and they know just where to go.

This is the second from the series: Vitamins & Photos.  I was watching the news one day, and one of the headlines was called: It’s a Matter of Calcium.  Apparently, according to the reporter, there was a growing epidemic where pre-teens were not getting enough calcium, and as a result were suffering with broken limbs. 

Vitamins and Photos:Revised

Ferenc Horvath
by Ferenc Horvath



caught up with the night
for five long years
I got caught up with the night


I lived in an apartment in Washington Heights, NYC, that overlooked a drug store, called Vitamins & Photos.  I thought it was a hilarious name for a drug store, since they obviously sold more than just vitamins, and processed photos.  In any event, I was drawn to this name/title, and decided to use it for the above poem.  Which then, inspired me to create poems around this theme, Vitamins and Photos.  With the help of some very creative photographers/artists on Flickr, I decided that I should also have photos that maybe, sometimes translate the words visually.