But now that it’s all gone
don’t cry for me
think about the times we had together
the good times
we danced in the middle of the street
in the middle of our living rooms.

Loving you, we gave each other
everything inside of me
my light says that I’ve made progress
I’ve reconnected my heart to my mind
I’ve reconnected my soul to my being
and beautiful it says

something we should never let go was at my center
essential to my existence, we gave that to you as my torch
and like a fickle god we reined your rain on me, and cared like a human.
We cared while you’re a friend of the cyncial, you are a friend of the scoffing to the ultra sensitive
while I’ve discovered that a cliche is only overused when you’re overtly sardonic.

Love Song #3

anticipation is your smell everywhere
even in the unescapable stench of my dungeon
the prison of my mind of meaningless malodorous 
function sweats an immutable sterile sink
in my dungeon, but I’ve been painting  new colors
over the mod prints, I drew a protrait of you smiling in crayola.
anticipation is wanting a beautiful idea to stroke you gently like the rising sun
being carried by a choir of her voice, magically you land me softly at my destination…

Come Cover Me

With your joy.
With your pain.
With your laugther.
With your tears.
With your voice.
With your mouth.
With your hands.
With your body.
With your…

I’m lost in what I can’t have
lost in wanting you

Wanting your laughter
to echo through my vertebrae.
Wanting your mouth to sew against mine.
Wanting your voice to sing my name.

Love Song #2

My bright eyes light up when it sees your name
I want to sing lovely when I hear your melody
walking through my burning thoroughfare 
lights me up when you do anything.

I can’t pretend even when some nights are just accidents
only an accident, a treasure you can collect by the shore for you
those rainy days when there’s nothing to do, so you can recollect
a time when you were crazy: driving 90 on a 30 stretch, not slowing down
for speed bumps, you’re a drive by, you’re a wave crashing in, a gush killing with no exit.

My eye sees what it wants and is clouded by intelligence
as all that’s available is the ridiculous richness of contact, even when you were drunkard
all it sees is your trail of blood, making my nose raise to the gash of air finished
like a lonely as a wolf wandering for his scent home.

On Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR)

Next Wednesday night at 8:00 (new time), I’ll be on the radio again playing some tunes that hopefully you’ve never heard of, or like so much you want to hear again, and again.   My radio show is called Broad Strokes and it’s on Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR).  Broad Strokes streams live off the web every last Wednesday of the month at a new time 8:00pm. 

I, Calypso Sally, that’s me, try to play a broad range of genres, stretching from indie rock, pop, alternative, noise rock, hip hop, reggae, dance hall, metal, calypso, funk etc.  It’s sort of a mixed bag.  I also have live acoustic performances.

Magnetic Island

Last month, I had the amazing Magnetic Island play a live acoustic set, you can check it out here.

I recently recorded with these guys on the single Subterfuge (coming out soon).  

Subterfuge began out of a jam, and then later, the song developed into an epic tribute to a friend and former bandmate of Magnetic Island’s lead guitarist, Lisa Liu.  Joe Graziano, the friend and former bandmate, died earlier this year.  

Magnetic Island is gifted, passionate songwriters, talented musicians, and just wonderful human beings.  You can download their wares at Cash Music, and stay tune for the release of the single Subterfuge

Bringing you stories, live events, and much more, WHFR tries and remains independent of any corporate sponsorship.  So, if you like what WHFR is doing, you can donate by contacting them at  DIY forever baby!

If you’re in a band or you know a band and or singer/song writer that would like to do a show, contact me at:

Love Song

Am I only treasure you can collect by accident
for those rainy days when there’s nothing to do
so you can recollect a time when you were crazy
driving 90 on a 30 stretch, not even slowing down
for speed bumps, you’re a drive by, a killing with no exit.

My eyes light up when it sees your name
I want to sing when I hear your melody
walking through my burning thoroughfare 
lights me up when you do anything.

The Frolic

I’ve lost my place in this thunder
ringing clear what I have
haven’t gained, with this losing war
I’ve won something.

I’ve lost my place in this thunder
that tragic lightening struck
paper-clipping my worth together.

I need an exorcism done
to baptized my worried hands together
and into a pit of strangers I’d dive
un-bruised by bravado’s curses

I’d dive into circumstanced tidal wave

I the interpellator
I hail i
this champion.

The Pessimistic Corona Ad

Billboard apparitions that might just come true

soon enough
painkillers will wean
the barely noticeable
yesterday with its nausea

forgetting how to walk
withdrawn flowers
will set like the sun 

soon enough

Jesus won’t be
the only holy one
the Devil’s company

will never make
you come again

soon enough 

nothing to choose from
nothing to tell
losing all the spit
in your mouth 

soon enough

you’ll become
as the many
faceless mimes
configured bodies
shuffling in a deck
confabulated shadows
in a fish-market

soon enough
someone will call for rain
and you won’t have an umbrella.

Fetish Breed

She wants to genetically engineer her experience
so she can have genie expression kids with big curly hair.

A man, a tall black man with light eyes is her worship
I want a black man with light eyes she says
because they make great babies.

I want a white man with blue eyes
so my kids can look the way I want them too
milk all those treacherous paths written on my skin.

A week of radness.

This week started off, well, great. I went and saw a show at the Knitting Factory, on the mother of all school nights, Monday.  But, it was an opportunity to listen to Object‘s new works live, catch-up with friends, and then as a cherry on top, reaquaint myself with The Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a power trio out of Brooklyn, NYC.  I saw them maybe about two years ago, when the line-up included a female bass player, now changed to a dude on keys. 

They were on my 2008 list of bands I totally dug.    And I’ve been meaning to see them perform ever since that one show when they had blew my mind, so much so I bought all their cds. 

With their own sort of pyshedelic, punk, soulful grunge rock, you might suffer a head or neck injury from head thrashing to their music.  

Here’s the video I made of the Netherlands using my Flip:

I took a few shots:

Magnetic Island


On Wednesday, I had my radio show, Broad Strokes, on WHFR

 This month, I invited Magnetic Island, another fave of mine, to play a live acoustic set and they were freaking awesome. 

So gifted, just this week Magnetic Island dropped a demo that you can check out at Cash Music, and you can listen to the Broad Strokes broadcast here