Delicate Window

My eyes are bigger than the sunset now
incapable of feeling the delicate window

Dreaming, inside my romanticized state
organized neatly, compartmentalized ellipsis

I will not pretend to be a writer now, with arms fold
brooding over a wilted ole maypole 

with intent want, I won’t watch myself depreciate
in a rhyme that doesn’t fit.

Broad Strokes to Warm Up Your Holiday Spirit

As we near the close of twenty ten, there is a lot to reflect upon and be thankful for. Twenty ten was not an easy year for me, at the very beginning I felt troubled and lost, displaced would be the best word to describe my state of being. All it took was one phone call to change my gloomy direction. No, I didn’t discover Jesus, nor was it love or a new type of elixir…

I got a call from Magnetic Island (MI), saying that they wanted me to collaborate with them on a music project. I’ve always held MI in the highest of esteem as musicians, so much so I felt a tinge of intimidation after I had agreed to work with them.

They are great musicians, they passionately live and breathe music. I know that for a fact, because I witnessed this passion the morning that we were set to record Subterfuge, the MI single that I sang, played the drum-kit, and also played my steelpan on.

I had spent the night over at MI’s place, and the first thing they did the next morning, after breakfast, was grab their instruments: Lisa was on her guitar running through scales, and Sue was on her keyboards with headphones on. They taught me so much, or better yet they gave me so much hope…

Twenty ten brought me closer to my friends, family and also made me realize how important it is to have a really awesome boss: one who is generous and thoughtful, very rare and special.

At the curtail of this year, I was reconnected to how spiritual I am, thanks to a special lady, who probably doesn’t know how much of an impression she made. I’m so touched to have met her.  

These are all the things I’m thankful for this Christmas: friends, family, new beginnings… On and upwards!

I’d like to dedicate my last radio show for the year to all the peeps that made twenty ten a year full of laughter, growth and endless possibilities.  So prepare yourselves for a winter experience full of surprises on the next Broad Strokes broadcast!

During the intermezzo, you can listen to my show from last month HERE! showcasing most of the bands that played the Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR) fundraiser/my bday party.

The Shore by Magnetic Island formerly known as Renminbi
No One Cares by Object
Dr. Who by Telenovela Star
Clumsy by Coyote Eyes
Siren by Magnetic Island
End in Bender by Magnetic Island
Genius by Telenovela Star
Summer Phase by Magnetic Island
Yellow Red by Coyote Eyes
Fight Song by Magnetic Island
Subterfuge by Magnetic Island
Blue Chameleon by Object
BLMHYL by Telenovela Star
Just For You by Object

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A Land Made Of the Sound Of Her Laughter

Will lead a way, through these buried lives in me
the seeds will come alive again with your dirty earth
my avoidance only shapes your loitering, waiting there
in the shadows of enlightenment, a secret world of flowers
a rest, a lost so I can remember the corners of discovery.

The Corner of Razor Blade

There’s a junction I don’t want to re-visit
It’s a junction that lights all that’s missing
But I think about the gospel, I think about the blues
you brought to me and I stop and rock from side to side
stomp my feet, and praise my last taste of cheap wine.


Protect me now, because I’m careless and would fall over the edge
I need my shepherd’s satellite ligthing my way through these last sunsets
I might fall, oh I might fall, oh I can feel it, as I take another step
when I’m only looking at the birds through the window, a hope in my eye
only a sheep would feel this ease, only a sheep gets caught as road kill…


Well she’s walking through a crowded dream with a smile just made for me
if I were to describe her now it would take away from the wonderful
that is her laughter, lingering long after it has left the room
if I were to describe a moonstruck, I’d have to dive deep into her eyes
and pray for the courage to swim as fast as the climate of her pupils

one day to want more than wanting you
one day of knowing beyond the surface
that’s how she just, just how she appears to me…