Kissing is Necessary

Through the thickness of static
I feel a joyousness playing turns
on a turntable, a moment like this
where nothing exist but you close to me
on the pavement of Union and Get Ready
I drift sideways, and you have to direct me
to my train, because my mind forgot how to walk
infatuated with a high that is your kiss, I’ve discovered
a canoodle dialect, a prerequiste for breathing.

Broad Strokes this Wednesday, January 26 @ 8:00p.m.

I’ll be doing my radio show, Broad Strokes, this Wednesday, January 26 @ 8:00 p.m. on Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR). This will be my first broadcast for the year so check it out. Learn how to listen HERE.

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Last month’s playlist

Tell ‘Em by Sleigh Bells
Moving In (Remix) by Pink Noise
Memo to the Man by Zach Hill
Transparency is the New Mystery by Marnie Stern
Trouble! by Turbo Fruits
Just for You by Object
She’s Long Gone by The Black Keys
Next One is Real by Pink Noise
Inspiration Prod. Kev Brown by Epsilon Project
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Arcade Fire
Apologetic Shoulder Blades by Baths
I Walked by Sufjan Stevens
Slow by Twin Shadow
My Girls by Animal Collective
You Go, Uno by Kan Kick
What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4) by Dj Shadow

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Human Bites

cadger has invaded my dwelling with sleepless nights
wondering if my trails will make a full bed, follows me where
I sleep, and my neglect of the most functional of everyday
will give birth to offsprings, multiplying,
waiting in the wind for their time to discover
a skin populated with same colored fur as their hide


In depths of dreams, we danced
and you asked me why am I here
where envy is capricious in every
eaten word, when I am a creature
of the night, an animal trapped in
the solar plexus of another’s imagination

Oh, The Unspeakable Things…

my lungs have suffered my loneliness
now, they have fluids floating in them
a cough isn’t sufficient anymore, I am
sick with my own disease, you can’t
recognize on the surface, but if my
insides can talk with such vehement
it would tell you how much you meant to me.

I think about where will I would go
it would be anywhere but here
where I lie naked on a dance floor 
because I want the comfort of the trees
singing a breeze, dangerous at times
but I know what branch to slumber on
as I reach like the mountains’ peaks…

Behind God’s Back

Where, the best foods are to be discovered
Because we can’t afford your shantytown paradise
where, you pay more money than a Baltimore family
where a school teacher could buy two houses on our poverty-line
Oh did you forget, just because we walk through Williamsburg
with our new kicks, fresh press skirts, we think we own something.
Then, don’t come to our parts of God’s back, don’t even say Jesus sent you
because both God and Jesus will relocate once your ass discover that corner.
You never wanted to be that close to Culture! you just wanted the food, and to be
to be a spectator of a spectacle, like a museum artifact, you can afford to walk into and claim
as your own, and talk about such and such from a distance, from a distance I watch you fall
from your own peneplain… Walking away, I’ll remember this moment and always wear a hemlet.


Yeah, make my own sonnet tonight
Yeah, make my own history tonight
make my own dance tonight, make
make, make, make, make my bake
flour and water, I wrap my dough
Yeah, make you jump in the holy ghost
feelin it eh, feelin it eh in dis power
you clap, and sing til the morning
Yeah, make you catch de devil
ha, ha, make you lose yourself
in your own laughter 
mek you tink in different verses.