Dialectic Discoveries

“…the oppressed…exist in a dialectical relationship to the
oppressor, as his antithesis-that without them the oppressor could not
exist…The oppressed can over come this contradiction in which they
are caught only when this perception enlists them in struggle to free
themselves.” — Paulo Freire


I wasted them
too much on You: an unspecified person or people in general
word phrases, such as “Fuck them”, even with good intentions
built on good things, I am afraid of losing, and I still want to hold onto, as is

diagrams, making a backlash blueprint, a deja vu
fully endorsed for You to fully forget the previous
a most cunning I, a most depleted but
where’s yours, where’s mine
reminiscent comet
ricocheting the earth’s surface
eclipsing the sun
burning with spinning promise
scattering cinders of hot bread
thoughts shattered across the hemisphere
where You, I, we live.

6 thoughts on “Dialectic Discoveries

  1. Woohoo, that’s a wild and starry one expoding out from the i eye with tremendous energy into the youniverse, a stellar endeavour in which the words can barely contain the energy,

    Thanks Paul 🙂


  2. I really like the title and the way it ties in with what you do with the pronouns here (the dialectic between the I and the you). That first stanza is my favorite.

    Thank you Nathan!


  3. paul said it, this one is explosive and profound. this is with such intent and written with a generous integrity.

    i love the flow, the sound, the poetry of it. your work is very modern, very outside of boxes. i enjoy it for the beat and flavor and then the very delicious content. your words hold a great deal of passion; if they were on paper, i see them boldly penciled.

    Thank you for such a thoughtful comment.


  4. This is so potent. In reading it I feel myself being forcefully pulled in one moment and then the next I am being held at a distance with piercing eyes looking into me. A beautiful paradox of this poem is that the discoveries you refer to are very much hidden…

    I love you.


  5. Wonderful, I thought I’d already commented on this…..sometimes I read in my googleyreader and think I’ve made the journey; sorry. But where are you…..it suddenly occured to me you’ve gone very quiet……..I hope all is well.

    Thanks Jo. I’ve been hibernating, and slowly getting back.


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