Love Song

Am I only treasure you can collect by accident
for those rainy days when there’s nothing to do
so you can recollect a time when you were crazy
driving 90 on a 30 stretch, not even slowing down
for speed bumps, you’re a drive by, a killing with no exit.

My eyes light up when it sees your name
I want to sing when I hear your melody
walking through my burning thoroughfare 
lights me up when you do anything.

8 thoughts on “Love Song

  1. Such interesting emotions in this poem…almost like feeling you’re being used by someone else…thanks for sharing your poem.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  2. i agree with slpmartin about the emotions felt through.
    i am still working a bit on connecting the two parts
    i love the first stanza, not only for it reminds me my self a long, long time ago, but because of that feeling it shows and in return evokes in me.

    Yeah I think the second stanza is a whole new poem. Thanks for reading.


  3. the two stanzas def have a different feel and energy but i can’t decide which one i like better — the stinging hurt or the deep passion. i really like the second to last line. pretty.

    Thank you Lissa.


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