On Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR)

Next Wednesday night at 8:00 (new time), I’ll be on the radio again playing some tunes that hopefully you’ve never heard of, or like so much you want to hear again, and again.   My radio show is called Broad Strokes and it’s on Washington Heights Free Radio (WHFR).  Broad Strokes streams live off the web every last Wednesday of the month at a new time 8:00pm. 

I, Calypso Sally, that’s me, try to play a broad range of genres, stretching from indie rock, pop, alternative, noise rock, hip hop, reggae, dance hall, metal, calypso, funk etc.  It’s sort of a mixed bag.  I also have live acoustic performances.

Magnetic Island

Last month, I had the amazing Magnetic Island play a live acoustic set, you can check it out here.

I recently recorded with these guys on the single Subterfuge (coming out soon).  

Subterfuge began out of a jam, and then later, the song developed into an epic tribute to a friend and former bandmate of Magnetic Island’s lead guitarist, Lisa Liu.  Joe Graziano, the friend and former bandmate, died earlier this year.  

Magnetic Island is gifted, passionate songwriters, talented musicians, and just wonderful human beings.  You can download their wares at Cash Music, and stay tune for the release of the single Subterfuge

Bringing you stories, live events, and much more, WHFR tries and remains independent of any corporate sponsorship.  So, if you like what WHFR is doing, you can donate by contacting them at info@whfr.org.  DIY forever baby!

If you’re in a band or you know a band and or singer/song writer that would like to do a show, contact me at: roarplanet@gmail.com.

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