Love Song #2

My bright eyes light up when it sees your name
I want to sing lovely when I hear your melody
walking through my burning thoroughfare 
lights me up when you do anything.

I can’t pretend even when some nights are just accidents
only an accident, a treasure you can collect by the shore for you
those rainy days when there’s nothing to do, so you can recollect
a time when you were crazy: driving 90 on a 30 stretch, not slowing down
for speed bumps, you’re a drive by, you’re a wave crashing in, a gush killing with no exit.

My eye sees what it wants and is clouded by intelligence
as all that’s available is the ridiculous richness of contact, even when you were drunkard
all it sees is your trail of blood, making my nose raise to the gash of air finished
like a lonely as a wolf wandering for his scent home.

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