Las Vegas

Las Vegas says she’s too afraid, too afraid
my dangerous touch on her delicate skin

made up with precaution, made up of rules to bend
because I ain’t got nothin to lose but the end

Las Vegas says she’s needing someone stable
yet she’s at my ramshackle table with those hungry eyes

with those sweet lips that I brush so, so gently 
tellin me I’m not the one oh Las Vegas

tellin me there’s no wedding moans
behind doors that only just groans   

she’ll leave me, leave me suddenly
my bed early in the dawn will howl for her trace

my danger, my dangerous love
recking reckless will grieve over her midnight kiss.

5 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. i’ve watched yesterday Leaving Las Vegas
    some how i feel some kind of connection between your words and that (very good imo) film.

    Oh cool. I wasn’t thinking about the movie but thank you.


  2. This is wonderful. They are song lyrics, aren’t they? I love the whole ‘cities as women’ thing. It gives such poetic licence.

    Yes it is lyrics for a song. I just need the melody :-).


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