Boomerang: A Christian Want

They say that if you put stuff out there you get it back.
Well, I’m tired of waiting for loyalty, tired of waiting for compassion
I’m tired of waiting for life to exude itself in kindness, sweetness
independent loving. When can I expect this back? Is there an expiration date?
When can I expect my “goodwork” to happen? Today? Tomorrow?

When can I walk steady and not be on a tightrope?
When will the pain of the devil stop so I can feel again?
Feel my neighbors, my friends, when can hurt
be temporary and doesn’t add up to a wretchedness?

I’m tired of knowing you don’t exist, I’m so tired of waiting for you out there
when all of my fresh being is anointed with hurt and pretense.
How many more years do I have to go before I don’t care anymore?
How many more people do I have to meet before I stop giving myself wholeheartedly?
How much more time do I have left before I just collapse in defeat?

One thought on “Boomerang: A Christian Want

  1. It seems to me…that the old ‘you shall receive your reward someday’ has been used to control the masses for centuries…you raise the question again with your verse…’when?’


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