The mind is undiscovered, just like your lip gloss
leaving a message on my lips, what exactly will happen?
I am yet to discover the true meaning of kinesis.
Thinking about you makes all my hairs stand to attention
I hope you can  feel my gentleness as it kidnaps, clings to me
like cosmic static, electricity sparks a harmonized hope
to bring to you, everytime I transmit a message.

4 thoughts on “PsychoKinesis

  1. Hi Cocoyea! WordPress suggested that I might like your posts as much as you like mine, but they didn’t tell me how much you like my posts so I thought maybe I’d try to fill part of the gap that they left. 🙂

    Your writing I think is moving in the leaps in bounds. Your last two pieces have been incredibly powerful and thought provoking. If there was a like button that I could hit with a rating option I would hit the high end!

    Have a wonderful day Cocoyea.


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