Everyone should know this

I wanted to wait until we were old enough
when feelings are not like the fever of a child
now learning how to walk, embarking upon new terrain
it happened today, regardless, I felt the heat stinging my skin
with anticipation, I let go, and didn’t care if I fell on my face
an aderaline hot as day, summertime when it’s still winter
I imagined chimes of an ice-cream truck signaling change.

I wanted to resemble cool for you, I wanted to give you the superfacial
when there’s nothing cool about the unknown, I can’t pretend…

2 thoughts on “Everyone should know this

  1. It is good you didn’t wait.

    I really like your thought here: when feelings are not like the fever of a child
    now learning how to walk
    beautifully observed and put down.

    It is such a shame that we have to grow up (in some sense) for that and that we tend to lose some naivety. Naivety, combined with aged understanding and intelect, can take us higher. So rare.


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