Mine, mine, mine, mine
all of this is mine
and I won’t give you an inch
of what is mine even if you cut
yourself building my inch

I want all of it
I want all of you
to build me a dynasty
that won’t crumble
but will kill you as you make it

I’ll subtly dance around your endevours
gracefully I’ll lure you into an infinite lullaby filled with pain and medicine
as you forget your ideas that fleets away, so go to sleep my darling, rest now.

2 thoughts on “De-Con-Des-De-Con-StrUction

  1. that is one of the most electrifying things! i think i’ve ever laid eyes on
    as if the words are the true reflection of the structure, which is usually hidden below the decor,
    and never speaks its own truth cuzit wants continued maintenance


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