You as Conductor

I’ve lost this place I’m suppose to have
my place in this thunder, ringing, ringing clear
what I have, and trust in what I haven’t gained
with this losing war, I’ve won something?

I’ve lost my place in this thundering mess
that lightening tragically strikes on paper
clipping my worth together.

I need a bow and my own arrow to make this right
I need an exorcism done to baptize
my worried hands together

and into a pit of strangers I’d dive
un-bruised by bravado’s curses
I’d dive into this tidal wave of circumstance
I the interpellator, lose myself

I hail
i lose
this champion.

5 thoughts on “You as Conductor

  1. amazing how in the last stanza you can break out a subtle feeling in the change between the capital “I” and the lower-case case. baptize my worried hands together – “together” is the key.

    Yes it is :-).Thanks.


  2. This is a fascinating sociological reflection. I’ve just had an aha moment with your writing, seeing it now in the context of “Cancelled Without Prejudice”. Brilliant! Thanks.

    Thanks Brad.


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