smoking too much on a promise…

drinking too much on a rhyme

pulsating on broken associations

looping on the first dulled shock

shattered into millions of misdirected dulled messages

aligthing unresolved triggers, ablazed

breathing a familar piece, a place

that touches on knowing too much

smelling the same sentiment

presenting incomplete, repeatedly

seeing the same kaleidoscopic sky

clapping the same kinetic wave

colliding with monstrous visions

I knock myself unconsicous

4 thoughts on “Hypnotized

  1. This has great sounds, each line has its own combinations, it’s almost like a mind wave poem carried on the sound of its words. It would be great to hear you read it. It is wonderful to read out loud, like a proclamation clasical, regal and grand.

    Thanks Paul. It does sound good in my head, unfortunately I’ve never been a good reader.


  2. It is a real mindsurfing poem, waves through each line and you have worked the linebreaks really well so that as the poem builds, in a couple of places you have put a comma just before the linebreak which makes the rhythm carry over and build in intensity and then the ‘clapping’ and ‘colliding’ lines, the sounds and effects of those two words are like the huge wave crashing into you or a mind surfing wipeout. Fantastic poem, Cocoyea.

    Thanks again Paul. I like coinage mindsurfing.


  3. mmmmm. Knocking yourself unconscious, yes, am also in touch with that.
    xx nicely written and kind of different from some others. thanks.

    Hey Cole, I wondered if the last line was too harsh, and then I thought well living is harsh, and to me writing poetry is like living. Thanks for stopping by.


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