This is the Sense:Worship!

We only have weekends together

because that is the time we believe allowed for us to have sex

to become familiar again

yeah we have during the wee hours, between 8pm and 12am, during the week’s hours

and the minutes we spend talking to each other, through the visceral space of nothing

we could spend that time typing a memo, haunting a bait 

so as to secure our membership towards the work force, and wait for something secure

it rents with worry, and the food, we feel guilty eating, the clothing we dream dressing into 

when the season changes it’s no inconsequence at all

but, together at last…

2 thoughts on “This is the Sense:Worship!

  1. You are so good, Cocoyea. That sent a chill of beauty up my spine. It is an exquisite moment beautifully captured in a unique voice. The way poem turns out from the moment to life and then back into it, that moment of connection. That is a fantastically good poem.

    Thanks Paul.


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