I don’t want you in my head
because I have enough voices telling me something
something else, something assumed, something imagined
greatness, confidence, pride, timorous falsehoods
words achieved in the spirit of a con
a last trick that buts on the edges of a razor blade
that I hope I will never meet
so, I don’t want you in my head
nevermore, or because I expect You to come

7 thoughts on “Words

  1. Everytime I see that you have posted a new poem, there is a excitement of expectation. There are so original and powerful. This is a scary but wonderful poem.


  2. Thanks Paul. I made some revisions, since I wrote it in the spur of the moment. It’s a little less awkward. It is scary. When I woke up and read it, it scared me.


  3. hey lissa, thanks for stopping by. the sixth line, hm, that could be a title for a cheesy horror flick. i didn’t realize how many lines i had attempted (it’s kind of cool, thinking about it that way), and looking at it now, I realize that there’s an obvious misspelling in the sixth line.


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