The Power of Language

photo by Margo Conner

 It can enslave or liberate… You can lose yourself in language.

When I think about the power of language, I think about whose identity, whose culture, where am I, and who am I.

I hear sounds when I think about the power of language. I see images that are layered by probability and possibility. I think about seeds in the earth and how much I would like to be a gardener. I would like to plant. It’s the same with the power of language.

I wonder about truth, and can you really find it in words?  Or is it a feeling that is associated with a word, that is almost a conversation between the heart and the mind.

I wonder if it is the recollection, memory of what you associate with that sound, that taste, that smell, which feels like the memory of what it means to be that word.

 This train of thought was inspired by: Faith and Faithful


I don’t want you in my head
because I have enough voices telling me something
something else, something assumed, something imagined
greatness, confidence, pride, timorous falsehoods
words achieved in the spirit of a con
a last trick that buts on the edges of a razor blade
that I hope I will never meet
so, I don’t want you in my head
nevermore, or because I expect You to come