That notebook holds my heart in its stem
That notebook holds love in its leaves
flicking a new chance on a page, I watch
every time, I watched her naked body
through the curtains of each misspellings
as I try to replicate her touch, her, her gaze
erase the words that doesn’t see the depths of her
a notebook heart, and I want to divulge
through my bloody blue ink everything
this leaf gives me, and I want to draw her
laughter so you too can be made exuberant
by her foliage, her dance of unknown syllables
that colors my dreams every night, and brings me
closer to possessing the fleeting secret of joyousness

One thought on “Encountering

  1. My notebook holds words and occasional phrases that point to nothing more than scattered memories that I hope one day to unscatter before someone who is looking after my estate discovers them and goes ‘what the!!!”. ha.


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