Sabotaging Blueprint


Delirious with the minute by minute
how different it could have been, I realized nothing.

And then like a solution, I’m stuck again on If
If I was a time traveler.  It interrupts the answer for why

like a sucking between the teeth, it’s juvenile.  If I was
If I was a time traveler.  Yes it is.  Unconcerned about culpable

blame, ripe with unfortunates, If I were a time traveler I won’t have to
wait for an anomalous filler for fragmented voids, or even wish to delete a moment.

If I was a time traveler, unconcerned with real time
since change is my past and the present is my future

what once was a rabbit hole, no longer becomes familiar
with its miniature tea cups, with its no longer cluttered exclamation to the unknown.