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And now, shoulders crouch
as if to say my rib cage was useless
as my heart no long lives there.
It is theirs, theirs to marvel as it skips
to beat faster as they appear through 
mirrors. I am still living as if it were present
but if you look inside my skeleton you’d see
you’d see that I’m now cold and crude
broken, broken without my heart
oh Lord I miss you, I miss you, oh Lord.

A Stranger I Know

As I walk along side her, never do we touch hands
and it is evening now 

never do we sing a love song,

even though I unknowingly want to,
secretly she is in my thoughts.

She wants a home while I want everything
her smile, the sound of her voice…
Maybe if we weren’t predisposed as the evening sky
we could find a hymn to hum.