Cotton Candy

Catch me when
I’m not an awkward butterfly
lighting almost on the exhausted hibiscus
a weary comfort for a glimpse
an imprint on the fading sun

Catch me when
I’m not a bitter blue caged parrot
calling out for jack daniels like my owner
not owning a thing but a feathery bird

Catch me when my cliche is filled
jelly rolled happy joy, sunshine sprinkles
too consumed with sugary goodness of opposites.

Do parallels meet in the infinite demise of one?
Do we call them an equilibrium?
a  jelly roll, then a shot of jack?

One thought on “Cotton Candy

  1. My intuition tells me that if left field and right field are paralleIs, I should be taking centre field for this catch. I’m not averse to a bracing shot, though I might be a wee bit old to be taking a catch at the end of a jelly roll.


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