It’s terrible being alone when what you want, the one you want, doesn’t want you.
It’s terrible being alone when all you’re stuck on is the last time you saw her dance
dreamy, she makes you laugh when nothing does anymore, and your shoulders are relaxed. 
It’s terrible being alone when you have to wait in line for the one thing that makes you forget.
It’s terrible being alone as you write about your ghost, as hope with its glory pines away.

3 thoughts on “Ghost

  1. That was very touching…
    Although sometimes, being alone is better than being with someone… lest our foul mood spill itself over them!
    But then again, more often than not, being alone sucks! And by alone, I mainly mean, “without the one person you wish you were with”. But I guess hope keeps us alive, at least for a while..
    A very nice poem!
    Best wishes, and hope you have a lovely weekend..


  2. Can I tell you that it is also terrible being alone when the one you love, loves you right back and it just isn’t possible to be so? Love this…


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