Know what it means before presenting yourself as one.

No! Luddite isn’t some fancy glasses with awkwardness.
Luddite means you shouldn’t even be reading this right now.

More than a trendy term to drop into circles
oh I’m a Luddite writer
well, we’re all writers
all of us
Luddite or not!

Yeah I know what a type is, so what
I saw what a typewriter looks like
and I saw its alphabets
and I used many of its letters.

Do you really romanticize over the lost of letters
like real letters that you get from a pigeon
because really the pigeons are out of work
and no one demands a strong letter anymore.

I was brought up on T.V.
Does that scare you?  It should if you’re a Luddite
I write on a computer, so I can easily escape
and start over
If you’re a pure Luddite it’s either telling of where you’ve grown up or your age

which one would you like to be the predicate of?

Words fight as they come and go
but this one bothers me the most


19C protester against technology: a worker who was involved in protests in the United Kingdom in the 1810s against new factory methods of production and who favored traditional methods of work.

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