I just discovered Jeff Buckley!

Exploding Dog
Exploding Dog

Last night I had the first, of hopefully many, listening parties where I invite friends to bring over songs and/or albums that they believe is the shit, or as I like to say make yuh pores raise.  And we listen, and if we like, we swap music. I thought this would be a great way to find out about new to you artists, and well, talking about music is one of my favorite things. 

Since this was the first, I wasn’t sure of how to go about the listening part of it.  I didn’t want to force people into sitting in a circle to listen.  I’m also very shy, so only a few people actually did some listening and discussing.  I think for the next I’ll designate a time for the actual listening, and maybe a M.C. to direct everyone. 

There’s so many possibilities…  One friend recommended that people should say why they like this song, or maybe talk about the memories they associate with the song(s).  Themes were also suggested.  A little focus couldn’t hurt. 

All in all it was a fun party.  It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves. 

I discovered Jeff Buckely’s amazing voice and his awesome version of Lilac Wine.  



I finally heard the Dead Confederates and I’m hooked. 




And tons more that I’m still digesting.

13 thoughts on “I just discovered Jeff Buckley!

  1. Cool. Themes would be fun. Jeff Buckley’s voice is amazing, like something from another realm. I would bring all my Fugs records. I must go and see if I can find a clip by them. Can I come to the next one?

    You mostly certainly can :-).


  2. Cool. Thankyou. I’ll wear my lime green zoot suit and panama hat. What’s the first theme? And do I need to bring anything other than alcohol and cigarettes? I think you know a fantastic cook, so I won’t need to bring food.

    Ha! I haven’t decided the first theme. Any ideas?


  3. There are so many options. We used to play a game on long journeys where someone would pick a word and then we go around in a circle quoting songs with that word until noone could think of any more. The last person to think of one would win a prize. Usually scoobie-doo. But if it was records maybe you could do years. I really like 1977. There was Saturday Night Fever but also The Saints. Or you could haircuts. Everybody bring a record with a mullet, everybody bring a record with a mohawk. Or or or,

    I love the haircut and the mullet idea. Hahaha.


  4. Sweet! I’d love to be there too. Here’s something I discovered today. Kaki King!!!! Wow!

    Yeah Kaki King is so talented. A really great guitarist. You Should check out Swati she’s really great too.


  5. cocoyea, i know it’s skewing a little guy-heavy, but i wanna come to the next one too. another theme would be records with only one person’s face on it. of course, you open yrself up to “frampton comes alive” and the collected works of phil collins, but you also get bowie, nick cave, grant lee buffalo, erykah badu, et al.

    Yes bowie, cave, badu, michael jackson (before the weirdness)!


  6. you might already know this, but just in case, Jeff Buckley is the son of another great musician, Tim Buckley, who died way too young back in 1975. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Buckley there are a few youtubes on Tim Buckley too. he was a beautiful musician, and so is his son Jeff. love the song Lilac Wine, so smooth and mellow

    No I wasn’t aware of his father, so thank you for the info. Like father like son… Thanks for stopping by.


  7. ps. Jeff died too, also way too young, i just learned, as i finished reading through the wiki i just sent you,i didnt know…so sorry, and thanks for the post and the music.

    Thank you :-).


  8. Hello, is it time for the party yet? We didn’t decide on a theme so I have bought my favourite party song. The Who, “Behind Blue Eyes” really loud, Cocoyea, woohoo, do you have neighbours? I hope they like to party too. Open the doors and the windows. Do you have a drum kit in your lounge room? I just want to check the bookcase. First thing I do in any new house. And then open beer and turn on the stereo. I can be the worst guest and look those two I dragged along with me. Brad and Jason, oh well, sorry. We’ll go back to the casino and play some more poetry poker. Thanks for the party Cocoyea, you rock and the food was yummy.

    Hahaha, oh Paul you are a riot! Thanks for stopping by.


  9. Since you loved “Lilac Wine,” you’d also dig Buckley’s version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Buckley’s crooning –> otherworldly. Ripples through my spine, turns it inside out, when I hear his riffs. 😉

    Yes it is really is wonderful. Definitely gives me goosebumps.


  10. I discovered Jeff Buckley 5 years ago when looking for obscure Soundgarden/Cornell material on limewire.

    If sirens were male he would have been one of them, his voice is often described as “otherworldly” which is so apt.

    My faves:

    “Lover, you should have come over”

    “Mojo Pin”

    “Dream Brother”

    RIP, Jeff Buckley. If there is such a thing as angels you sing with them.


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