I just discovered Jeff Buckley!

Exploding Dog
Exploding Dog

Last night I had the first, of hopefully many, listening parties where I invite friends to bring over songs and/or albums that they believe is the shit, or as I like to say make yuh pores raise.  And we listen, and if we like, we swap music. I thought this would be a great way to find out about new to you artists, and well, talking about music is one of my favorite things. 

Since this was the first, I wasn’t sure of how to go about the listening part of it.  I didn’t want to force people into sitting in a circle to listen.  I’m also very shy, so only a few people actually did some listening and discussing.  I think for the next I’ll designate a time for the actual listening, and maybe a M.C. to direct everyone. 

There’s so many possibilities…  One friend recommended that people should say why they like this song, or maybe talk about the memories they associate with the song(s).  Themes were also suggested.  A little focus couldn’t hurt. 

All in all it was a fun party.  It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves. 

I discovered Jeff Buckely’s amazing voice and his awesome version of Lilac Wine.  



I finally heard the Dead Confederates and I’m hooked. 




And tons more that I’m still digesting.