When is it okay for a silly old goat to grope your breast?

Is it when the likely hood of him being straight is very slim?

Does it make it completely okay for a gay man to cop a feel

when he isn’t your sweetheart, he’s hardly ever going to be one of those crushes you have

you ever have, over someone you admire enough for a drunkard moment to happen?

No, it’s never going be any of those mornings after having a dream

a very wet dream, when awkwardness is a foreground for possibilities…

When does familiarity become too euphonized as funny, crazy, oh he’s just a silly old man, I know him, I know what he meant? An exercise in excusing how it didn’t meant to make me feel. 

I really hope this rule could pass onto me, when I’m a silly old goat, “that… guy”

parading my charm

2 thoughts on “Funny

  1. Very cool, Cocoyea, original idea, the twist in the wet middle and then a smile at the end. Very cool and unique.

    Hey Paul, thanks for stopping by and for the tip.


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