I pray even when God doesn’t exist
as I tiptoe to the bathroom, as I dance
on a tight rope, the only God I knew
was unforgiving of my trespasses.

Even when I stare at God, my demon
Oh My Lord,through my half emptied bottle.
I pray even when the Word is forsaken
I pray when my existence doesn’t borrow
relies not on accidents…


Image by dentsadventure via Flickr
Bully, I wear my scars well
the scars meant for me to remember
to remember something that did happened
the scars are there for me to remember
oh how I remember how you bullied me
into submission, I watch you hate yourself
as you tell me, want me to tell you what to do.
Bully, I watched your need to be needed and then
you hated yourself and hated me for it.
You’d prefer control, you’d prefer control
since you’ve never had it.