Rejection Letter #1

I received it in the mail today
my very thin self-addressed envelope
not today I said out loud, not today
for you see, I’ve already felt the day to day
crippling blow, as I made my trek through
the drudges, through the thick mundane
automatic motions.  I have failed as a robot.
Regardless, I thought and grinned for chance
there’s still the possibility…  Aah yes the optimist
with her tireless audacity, with her juvenile beliefs
full of maybes, could be dreams floating like clouds
waiting to be caught, oblivious to the message in the
note starkly staring back: thank you, but no thanks.

4 thoughts on “Rejection Letter #1

  1. Been there oh so!
    Dont stop dont stop dont stop dont stop dont stop,
    there are more disconnects than connect, but one connect is enough!

    Thanks Mental Mist.


  2. I know it, I know it. The bottom fell out of my stomach when I read this. Paul’s right though – more fool them when you got a fabulous poem out of it.

    Oh totally, writing about it helped alot. Thanks Maxine.


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