Telenovela Star Video

This is a video that Maggie, the guitarist from my band, created.  We were jamming in Jeff Byrd‘s living room, which was totally awesome.  It’s the weekend we recorded a couple of songs up in Gilboa.

3 thoughts on “Telenovela Star Video

  1. I saw you saying you were listening to rim shots and there they were! And you make those cymbals sing, and the cool two part fills. The riff is great. I would mix that big bass sound up in parts. Add lyrics, rock and roll heaven! Jeff Byrd, smart guy.

    Thanks and yeah I love the riff. That was a really cool weekend.


  2. theres a lot of room in yr band’s music, and you really get to stretch out on those fills. no hurry, just nicely rolling and tumbling.

    Yeah it was fun jamming to this riff, but now we need to flesh it out. Thanks.


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