with purpose, prepare the boxes
with tape and cleansing powder
removal of all, small sparks of a glance
all that was suppose to resemble permanence
a long tale towards dementia, a small unpleasant trail
of spotted associations
split at the end with dots of potential use, or useless information
pile into a box, discard upon arrival
there’s no more space for their meaning

5 thoughts on “Moving

  1. The poem moves with purpose too, very precise and controlled rhythm and structure and great sounds, lots of clipped consonants. Fantastic poetry with energy,


  2. Yayayayayaya, you’re album arrived and it’s brilliant! The first couple got my old punk heart beating and then you showed a lot of variety. I think Track 6 is my favourite and the impro proves what a great drummer you are. The other musicians are listening to you and you are running the band. You are a musician drummer, so rare, you are going to have a fantastic career. Make sure got good people around you and nothing will stop you. That is how good you are. The CD is great.


  3. wow, been here so many times. really enjoyed this piece. takes me away to my gypsy days. i should share this with my mom. good day to you. how can i get a cd?

    there’s nothing more displacing than moving. well, there’s probably tons of other things 🙂 you can get a “real” copy of the cd at or you can download it at itunes. Thanks.


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