Telenovela Star

Photo by Matthew Rodgers
Photo by Matthew Rodgers

A simple ad on Craigslist brought Telenovela Star (T*) together in Spring 2004. Their complex, eclectic backgrounds and musical interests instantly clicked, creating a sound that immediately appealed to all three. They share a deep passion for merging genres and layered melodies. With their crunchy garage-rock guitars, rolling bass lines, and explosive drums they incorporate alternative, loud rock, hip/hop, R&B, and syncopated jazz rhythms. Add on reflective and (sometimes sexually) humorous lyrics sung by the matter-of-fact and swooning vocals of both singers, they create signature T* songs.

In December 2005 Telenovela Star released their first record – a self-titled EP. Within a few weeks, the intense, upbeat track “Car Song” was selected as theme music for “Beyond the Break”, a drama on The N! Channel. The show first aired in June 2006 and continued into a 2nd season. Car Song was also included on The N Soundtrack in 2006, and was a finalist in 7th Annual Independent Music Awards for best song in the Film/TV category.

In July 2007 they released their first full-length album – the wildly diverse Love, Lust, Sci-fi & Monsters. It debuted at #149 in the CMJ Top 200 for 2008 and received heavy play after its release.

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