This Winter has been so mild and warm. I’m not complaining, but it’s definitely something I’ve felt a way about. On the one hand I like that it is, but then I think about the consequences on an ecosystem scale. It’s very scary that the only time it snowed in NYC it wasn’t even a thing. Anyway, last night, however brief, it was raining kind of hard and I really like the sound of rain, so I wrote this.

the sound of rain
the sound of a full and good storm
coming down like a long deep laugh
throbbing throughout the whole body
making tears brim from your eyes
like a good long cry, you weep aloud
heaving out the heart’s heaviness
many gasps and sighs like the what
the wind makes wailing through fissures
carrying precipitation – making puddles
of unfiltered wanderings. In the end
dampening these sidewalks with glints


There are so many days to live through…
When survival is the reckoning of warming
the feet, ankles, hands, neck and the face.
In each of these days walking, moving in them
for hours in the cold, in silence and alone,
reckoning with well, how could it be different?
Your nose constantly runs as the exchange of winter’s air
meets the internal heat making perspiration.
Your toes are fat icicles.