When We See Each Other Episode 19

When We See Each Other Episode 19

On episode 19 of BTRtoday‘s When We See Each Other, I chatted with the singer/songwriter behind the viral bop “Earth is Ghetto, I Want to Leave,” Aliah Sheffield. We talked about what inspired the song, how it became an internet sensation, and most importantly, which drink is evil, tequila or whiskey? Lol. You can listen to the episode HERE.

Make sure to check out Aliah’s Youtube channel for more of her music right here!

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When We See Each Other is a bi-weekly podcast centering the work of Black, queer, Trans, non-binary musicians/artists, and also friend musicians I’ve known for some time.

The pod gathers from a broad range of genres, stretching from poetry to indie rock, pop, alternative, noise rock, hip hop, reggae, dance hall, metal, calypso, funk, etc. The show is sort of a mixed bag, where artists are interviewed on their creative process, and how identity influences their work.

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A Gift For Radical Existence

My Black Joy is witnessing my nieces and nephews, my niblings, be alive. Thriving as the future, and me watch them and celebrate enough that their teenage, young adulthood makes them embarrass of my shout-out. Like, yeah aunty, yeah uncle, I hear you. Black joy is watching them cut up. Is that the phrase? Am I getting it wrong? When you are so right with your mashups, and your new language for something as old in its expression. Black Love is being a witness to their parent’s’ commitment, my siblings, which brought and nurtured the young in this world when Blackness is seen as dangerous.

Today and always
I am forever seeing you
out at large, a gift.